Help Solve The Mystery of Isabelle

Help Solve The Mystery of Isabelle


“Hans from 5A killed Isabelle,” Nina sadly proclaimed from the backseat this morning. We were on our way to preschool. She is in 5B at school and apparently 5A is filled with.. well, killers. That might be harsh, but we are in mourning. You will have to allow some emotion here.

“Umm, what do you think of this weather?” I ask.

Don’t you raise an eyebrow at that. Murder is a pretty big charge and I needed to mull this over. Also the sun is out and let’s appreciate the small things.

Than it dawns on me. Isabelle is a worm. It’s not a kid/person.

She tried to pull  this on me last week. She gave a long story about seeing Isabelle and being so happy. I asked if Isabelle had just started there at the school. She informed me that I was a crazy nut (not so much in words as in facial expressions-trust me, I can pick up on the subtleties.)

You see, Isabelle was the worm she had as a pet at Nana and Papa’s. Isabelle had heroically traveled the roughly 25 miles (I have no concept of mileage, space or time so let’s not take that estimate as fact) to get to Nina’s school. All to see her. I imagine it would have been some sort of ride hitching with a bird ala Finding Nemo. I didn’t ask though because I suspected that was not the part of the story I was supposed to be focusing on.

Basically Isabelle does all this “legwork” and Hans comes along and destroys the bond between a girl and her worm(s). Hans isn’t his real name because I don’t want this to follow him throughout life. We have to be the bigger person here. He probably did not mean malice. He probably hasn’t ever had a loyal worm and wasn’t aware of that amazing feeling of finding them everywhere you go. Seeing them grow and then shrink depending on where you see them. Seem them dried out on the sidewalk one minute and wriggling in the dirt the next day.

Truth be told I am not well experienced in this bond either.

Also another drop of truth- I didn’t need help with the Isabelle mystery per se.

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Let’s Celebrate!!

You heard me! Let’s Celebrate!

Ok, so I got a piece in the Black Hills Parent Magazine, and I’m pretty psyched about the whole thing.

When I told my five year old about it, she asked why her name wasn’t in the spot under the title. You know the top billing spot for the auther.  I tried to explain that she didn’t do any actual work on the piece. Point of fact she probably hindered the piece significantly, but I’m not sure that she understood what I was getting at.

I then excitedly informed the seven year old because she can actually read and I thought (mistakenly it turns out) that she would be impressed. The pull quote from her was “Oh yay, I’ll go tell all my friends. Wait, they don’t care.”

As you can see my ego has taken some hits. However it’s still trucking along and I’m still proud. I’m still letting this little light of mine shine, even if everyone is trying to sleep and they are groggy from a night out drinking yelling turn that damn thing off you psycho. Sorry dudes, I need to have the light shine. Drink more responsibly and it wouldn’t even bother you.

How Do I Find This?

So to see this masterpiece you can click below and go to page 66.

Or you can drive to the Black Hills (highly recommended regardless) and pick one of these bad boys up in person at the store. I would love you forever if you picked one up, took a picture with my article and posted it to the facebook page.  Who am I kidding? I already adore you.

Where Can I Get More Oh, Mandelynn?

If you are looking for some additional places to read my work, please click here. There will be some new stuff soon.



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Dog Update

Dog Gone Snorefest

The dog thinks she will be taking my place soon. She has tried to getty on up to my pillow slowly, but surely through the night. She thinks I don’t notice, but there is one fatal flaw in her plan of the sneak attack. Kerry snores. You might be aware of that if you are familiar with my previous work—mainly other facebook status updates—well this dog is not a fan either (maybe she really could take my place- I digress.) When he gets particularly heinous and loud, she lets out an annoyed growl. This noise alerts me to her position which is mere inches from my pillow. Thankfully allowing me to take anti pillow theft actions.

Not cool dog, not cool. I don’t share pillows. Here is where I try to make it seem like maybe Kerry’s snoring isn’t so bad afterall because it’s like an antitheft device for my pillow, but it’s almost like the keyboard won’t make those words type out here. Oh, well I can only do so much when there is a tech malfunction such as that.

What’s In A Name?

I should also fill you in on the fact that her full name is Sunny Hunny Bunny. My youngest has said it and thus, it is so. Occasionally she does shorten it to Sun Hun Bun, but when I try that it doesn’t go over well. Not with the people around us, nor with the actual dog that I imagine just wishes she could be called Spot or Max for the love of Milk Bones.

Sunny Hunny Bunny. Our dog.
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Update On My Face

Mea Culpa

So you remember like a few months ago I said I was going to start the ol’ Rodan and Fields face and post pictures. I think I said in 60 days, but I also think that it may be more than 60 days. My most biggest apologies.

I am going to post the pictures and update you, but first- Did you guys know how incredibly hard it is to take a selfie of your eyes? It’s like you look at the screen, but that isn’t right because then you look like you aren’t even aware of what’s going on. Than if you are like me you open your eyes wider, making you look like a complete goof. Well, I mean you will see. Let’s take a minute to give a round of applause to those lovely ladies that have mastered the selfie of the eye lashes.

Why, what does that have to do with your face wash? Glad you asked. I did the Lash boost. It’s my favorite thing ever.

Face Wash Scoop (My Finicky Face is finicky)

Guys, I didn’t do well with the kit I chose. I went for the Rodan and Fields Reverse kit and I don’t think that was the right call for me. I should have met with Laura like she suggested. Also I started this in the winter. My skin doesn’t do winter, which is weird because I live in SD and it’s winter a lot of time. You would think it would learn to deal. Before trying this kit I had never washed my face. 34 years of not washing my face and then I went into doing a regime. My skin was pretty pissed at the gull I had to start trying after all these years.

All this to say that my face dried out quite a bit (it’s dry any way) and I began to pick at it which caused things to look pretty bad for a bit. I have taken pictures and posted them below. It’s so hard posting unflattering pictures! There should be a trophy they give out.

I do want to point out that I will likely try something else later from the Rodan and Fields line (Redefine), so I still love it.

These are all products I paid for myself. This is my honest opinion and I will update if I try further products or if anyone is even interested.


That is probably backwards. My after is on the left and the before is on the right. Gaaah! This Before/After selfie thing is so much harder than I thought. This is after about 2 months.
So this was midway between the before and after shot. You can see scabs from me. Not the products fault. All mine. I really love that hair though.

Now Something I Love The Best

Ok, so now on to the product that I will buy forever more. The lash boost. I really like it a lot. I don’t know how well you will be able to tell that it worked due to my photography skills. This is where that whole eye selfie thing came into play.

My lashes make me happy right now though.

The bottom is before. The top is after with mascara. My eyes are hooded so it’s super hard to get anything to show well. This pictures was about 45 days after I started.
I think that shows it pretty good. Also I should tell you that days before starting this lash stuff I yanked out most of my lashes because I was applying fake lashes and I don’t pay attention to warnings about the glue. I have managed not to be harmed by Lash Boost, though. That should tell you something.

My Rodan and Fields Consultant is Laura 

I recommend her. Click on her name to be directed to her page.

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You Get a Puppy And You Get A Puppy…

(Disclaimer: I’m not really giving anyone a puppy. I was being funny like the Oprah thing.)

Our baby, Sunny

I don’t think that I blogged since we had the newest addition to our family. We have a dog, guys. I was never going to get one because I don’t like to pick up poop. I would 1000 times rather change diapers than pick up dog poop. We got a scoop claw thing and that seems to help. Oh and also I ask my husband to do it instead. That helps the most.

The dog is named Sunny. Originally the girls wanted to name her Sunflower, but we are mean parents. She can be a real bitch, but we still love her. -that’s funny word play. I’m not mean… well like only a mean parent, not to animals.

My favorite is she let’s out these long dramatic groans when I have the nerve to move when she’s laying on me, or when Kerry snores. She’s fitting in just fine.

Face It

Something else kind of exciting- I just ordered a Rodan and Fields face kit thing. I’m pretty excited to get started on that. Anyone use that? If you have wanted to try it and don’t have a person may I suggest my friend Laura. Find her here I totally plan on taking before and afters. Stay tuned for 60 days people. You don’t have to stay in the one spot. Feel free to go and then come back.

Don’t Do It Mandelynn

Ugh! It’s taking everything I have not to turn political. I started this as a way to bond with other people over fun things. I’m going to try super hard to keep it that way. Not promising some things won’t sneak in though. Because I’m only human! Only Human!

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