Your New Friend

Your New Friend

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This is your new friend. *wink*

I write. I write about my “normal” family. Do you have one of those too? They are very wearing even though we are “normal.”

Lean in here so I can whisper: Can I be honest for a second, I’m not sure if they are normal. Are you sure about yours? If you are, then maybe you can read through this and let me know where I am on the scale. There is a small chance you might relate too much. You may find that you don’t think we are normal, and then also find that you share our abby-normalness. If you do the math on that one- you come to the conclusion you aren’t “normal.” Don’t worry, I have a solution to that. Let’s laugh about it. Come now I’ll teach you. I’m a pro.

“What’s the point?” You ask as you argue with your child over why they can’t have a peanut butter sandwich for breakfast, but they can have peanut butter toast instead. I have had that same argument. I know that they are the same ingredients, but a sandwich for breakfast is crazy. It has to be slightly burnt in order to qualify for breakfast. And if the smoke alarm goes off while cooking it- all the better. I’m not sure why- I just know that is the rule for breakfast. I never even questioned this fact as a child. What is the world coming to where kids are questioning this. Ok, so maybe we need to find a different hill to die on.

The point is, I get it. I am on your side. And being on your side means I can make fun of us and we can laugh. We can figure out how to get through this whole parenting thing. I mean really, we don’t have a choice. The only choice is to do it with the grace and dignity befitting us- ha, I kid. We are going to fall out of the crazy tree and hit every branch on the way down. Landing in a heap of “Let’s do that again.”

I don’t really cook and I avoid cleaning as much as possible. That means you won’t find tips for that here- I know about this secret place called Pinterest where they have tons of that, though. This is the site you will find links to work where I have been featured on other sites. You will find blurbs that haven’t been worked into full stories yet. Sort of preview of things I’m working on. You will find out if your child is crazy or you are crazy. Likely it’s a little of both. You can find links to some articles I write for with actual science in them. I enjoy learning “real” stuff as well as being taught daily by my kids how parenting works. You can find links to books I’m in. You can find links to other blogs that I’ve been in. If you are interested, I can also add some links of blogs I like to read. I haven’t done that, but maybe it would be a good idea.

I know this site seems like it’s all me, me, me. That’s only because you haven’t jumped in to get involved yet. I love to hear from readers and I hope that this can come around to be a supportive community for moms. Mom’s that know it’s ok to play the fool sometimes. It’s for the greater good.

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