Anniversary and Hallelujah

Anniversary and Hallelujah


Many of you probably had this marked out on your calendars already, but in case not. It was our dog’s one year anniversary. It corresponded with the starting of school. In an effort to overshadow school starting which always makes my stomach churn with dread, we decided to focus our attention on hosting a party for Sunny’s party.

What a party it was. There were costumes, there was food, there were dog friends, there was family. How does a party get better? I can’t tell you the answer to that. In fact, I’m not even sure it’s possible.


Sunny had two costumes. One was Wonder Woman, and the other was a Hula girl. She rocked both of them. My 5 year old daughter kept calling the hula costume her Hallelujah outfit and it is still my favorite thing on the planet. Don’t you dare find her and tell her that it isn’t accurate. I don’t care if she goes to college confusing the two things. It is magical and joyful.

My older daughter (7) made plans for everyone to write and sing a song for Sunny at the party. It didn’t happen. That’s ok though because it was still an awesome party.

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