IMDB Top Movies reviewed by The Unplugged Mom:

IMDB Top Movies reviewed by The Unplugged Mom:
Top movies reviewed by the unplugged mom
Almost makes your head hurt just thinkin’

IMDB Top Movies reviewed by The Unplugged Mom:

I have been tasked with viewing some movies that were listed as the top movies by IMDB. I’m going to be straight with you. I have two kids at home. They don’t sleep. I don’t sleep. I haven’t showered in two days and I have spit up in my hair from last Thursday. That’s right Shower resistance spit up. It’s a thing. Don’t look at me like that.

In order to meet the deadline I have written the below reviews. I am lucky that the titles are pretty easy to figure out without all the time waste of watching them.

If you are out at a cocktail party (first of all I hate you for being able to do that), and second I will guarantee these reviews to get the conversation flowing at said party. Trust me.


Shawshank Redemption- There is a golf course called Shaw where the husband shanks his drive. Redemption is sweet when he gets a touchdown on the next hole.


Godfather- The Godfather brings the most inappropriate gift to the baptism. A horse head. There are a lot of side eyes and people are unsure how to proceed. In the end the only thing to do is to eat and drink the punch. It’s the punch recipe with sherbet in it. Yum!


Godfather 2- that same God Father has another baptism to go to, but this time the kid pees in the water. It’s a horrible deal and people wonder if they should stop including him in the baptisms. Luckily most of the family is done having children for now.


Dark Knight- Ok this one I actually watched. It’s Christian Bale. And that voice. This was about how when we get married he is going to wear that suit and sweep me away to Hawaii. We will ride unicorns there. Can you imagine Bat Man playing a ukulele? I totally can.


Pulp Fiction- Like when you give your daughter orange juice. And there is pulp in there, and she realizes it so you make up a story like: The store was out of pulpless even though they had it, but you just didn’t pay enough attention. So it’s fiction about pulp. No one likes to be called a liar.


Would I watch them for the first time again? I certainly would. And you should too. They were fantastic.

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