Cold Weather Is For Shopping

Cold Weather Is For Shopping

Hello- Some cold weather out there, huh?

Let me reintroduce myself. I’m Mandelynn. You may have seen my work on the blog Oh, Mandelynn. Or you may not as I have been slacking off quite badly. The good news is that my work has shown up on other sites. The bad news is that I left you neglected to wonder about me. You are probably worried sick. Or you forgot that you signed up for my newsletter and wonder why I am spamming your inbox with such ridiculousness. Either way, my bad.

Cold Weather Shopping

Let’s talk a little about shopping in actual stores. I don’t generally like to do it. I prefer to shop online because well baby, it’s cold outside. When it’s not cold outside it’s just generally easier brushing the crumbs off my chest and removing the nougat from the corners of my mouth. I like candy.

I, however, decided yesterday that I was going to shop. It snowed and the weather was frigid, so I asked my mommy to come with. Whatever, we have fun. I also brought my youngest daughter. She can be fun too.

Every store we went to contained a passive aggressive comment about shopping in the cold weather/snow from the customer service reps. Can I just say that I understand that customer service sucks, but it isn’t my fault that you had to work today? I have worked that job. Please feel free to glare daggers into the back of my head, but when you ring me up don’t make comments about how you can’t believe anyone is out in the weather. It’s the Dakota’s if I wait until ideal weather comes along, I won’t get out of the house. I’ve tried it before when I was on maternity leave with my first. It was a long lonely winter.

PS I hate driving in bad conditions. I drive like an 83-year-old minivan driver with cataracts. I take my time. That checks out right? Do they take their time? My point anyway is that it couldn’t have been that bad because I am a weenie and went out.

Don’t shame me for leaving my house to shop. I promise this isn’t a regular thing for me and I need positive reinforcement here. Attagirl mandelynn. You left the house even though you didn’t have to. Did miss some of the crumbs on your shirt, but we still appreciate you out in the world.

Is that too much for me to ask the world and all its people?

Whatcha Working on Mandelynn?

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