Coloring Book Nerd

Coloring Book Nerd

Confessions of A Coloring Book Nerd

I am a Coloring Book Nerd. I’m sorry you have to find out this way. I have been trying to keep it a secret since Christmas. I know how disappointed you must feel. Especially when we all consider the amount of time I have wasted coloring instead of writing. I have decided that if I can’t get here to do the writing, I will get you pictures that I color. And I will recommend a coloring book.

Also, I would like to say that this is all my husband’s fault. He got me the coloring book. It’s the Labyrinth. It is my favorite. I have provided a link below. If you click and purchase anything from Amazon from that link, it will log that you heard about it from this girl. Who has two thumbs and loves Amazon Prime and Labyrinth coloring books? This girl.

If this is boring and not what you signed up for when you became a loyal follower of the blog- my apologies. Thursday, February 1st I will have a piece coming out on that will be available for your viewing pleasure. It’s like I’m a double threat. Too bad you can’t see me dance or I’d have to change the website name to


Ready for Your Fridge

Below is my picture. You are free to print it and hang it on fridge. I prefer it to be alone so it can really shine. Therefore I’m going need you to rip down your kids’ artwork and trash it. Tell them when they get to this level they can have the ol’ ice box to themselves.

I am thinking about doing a coloring contest where you send me your adult nerd coloring pictures. I could have my kids judge them (because I love you all the same.) Then the winner gets… Not sure what. Posted on the site? Some supplies? Not sure. I will have to do some thinking.


Entering the Labyrinth. Goblin king in tight pants ahead.
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