Dog Update

Dog Update

Dog Gone Snorefest

The dog thinks she will be taking my place soon. She has tried to getty on up to my pillow slowly, but surely through the night. She thinks I don’t notice, but there is one fatal flaw in her plan of the sneak attack. Kerry snores. You might be aware of that if you are familiar with my previous work—mainly other facebook status updates—well this dog is not a fan either (maybe she really could take my place- I digress.) When he gets particularly heinous and loud, she lets out an annoyed growl. This noise alerts me to her position which is mere inches from my pillow. Thankfully allowing me to take anti pillow theft actions.

Not cool dog, not cool. I don’t share pillows. Here is where I try to make it seem like maybe Kerry’s snoring isn’t so bad afterall because it’s like an antitheft device for my pillow, but it’s almost like the keyboard won’t make those words type out here. Oh, well I can only do so much when there is a tech malfunction such as that.

What’s In A Name?

I should also fill you in on the fact that her full name is Sunny Hunny Bunny. My youngest has said it and thus, it is so. Occasionally she does shorten it to Sun Hun Bun, but when I try that it doesn’t go over well. Not with the people around us, nor with the actual dog that I imagine just wishes she could be called Spot or Max for the love of Milk Bones.

Sunny Hunny Bunny. Our dog.
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2 Replies to “Dog Update”

  1. What a cute story! My dog tries to steal my pillow too, but instead of being sneaky, she just beats me to the bed every night, lays down on my pillow, and gives me a “what? I’m not doing anything wrong here” look. Then I have to roll her over (because she won’t move willingly) and she lets out the most exasperated groan. But her big personality is what makes her so lovable!

    Give Sunny Hunny Bunny a pat for me!

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