FAQ About Blogging

FAQ About Blogging

FAQ About Blogging
FAQ about Blogging

First and foremost you may want to check in with someone a little more successful for your FAQ About Blogging. I’m still just doing this as a side gig to my full time job. This is my first year and though I have met quite a few of my personal goals, I would guess that you are looking to blaze a trail in the blogging business. If that is the case I may not be your best bet to follow. If you are dipping a toe or two by all means please continue to read. If you have additional information that could be helpful to newbies please feel free to add some things in the comments for the other visitors (ok fine it’s for me to learn.)

How do I even start blogging?

For in-depth tech stuff, I am not very helpful. I started by buying a domain name. I can’t remember exactly how that went, so I think you will need to google. I apologize. The next thing I needed was hosting. I went with Bluehost. If you click on the link below to get started, you can get a deal. Additionally you should know that if you choose to go through that link you are supporting me.

From there I wrote and posted. Here is something about my writing process if you are interested.

Then researched how to go about building an audience. I still haven’t implemented even half of what I read. This is purely a time management issue for myself. I like to write.

What should I blog about?

What do you like to talk about? What are you most naturally able to write about?

My stuff is kids and parenting. I try to be funny. It’s probably sad to have to point that out. Oh, well I’m an open book.

Do you want to be an affiliate and sell products? Do you know how to do things that you want to teach other people? I unfortunately don’t have these kind of skills. I can just describe my life. And try to make it seem fun. I haven’t tried selling products outright, though I do have some Amazon links sprinkled in that I am an affiliate for. I don’t really do a lot of “selling.”

I took on a couple contributor positions to learn and earn a small amount. Visiting the “More Stuff From Me” tab will give you some more info on where I have been featured.

When Can I Make Money?

Depends how much work you put in and your goals. I would not count on making much the first few months. That way if it happens you can rock out with your stock out. I think that’s how that saying goes, right?

What If I Want To Work With You?

That is not a bad idea. Many bloggers do something called Guest Posts where they submit writing to another blog, and vice versa. This would gain additional exposure for the Guest blogger since they are getting the other bloggers audience and the Blog accepting the Guest Blogger. Mutually beneficial arrangement. If you are interested in doing this please feel free to head to my “Contact ” page and let me know what you are thinking.

If you are not interested in Guest Posts, but are interested in hiring a writer please also head to the Contact page mentioned.

If you are not interested in any of those things, but would like to say hi- feel free to head there and say hi.

I realize that this is only a small amount of questions. If you think of more please comment with them and I can edit to add them along with my answers. I will link to your blog in the post when I answer.


Thank you!

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