Goal Met

Goal Met

Guys. Guys! Guys! Guys? Guys. So I have been a little bit distant. It’s for good reason. I got a writing job and it pays so much better than the boss of this site. (Yes the boss of this site is me- that’s my classic OhMandelynn humor comin’ atcha!)

I just don’t have the time to do both, so you may not see much from me here.

If you are still interested in me (I hope I was more to you than a passing fling) then please keep up with me on the below site. The 1st link will take you to all the writing I have done at Babygaga so far and the one below that is the most recent article I have written. Views and shares are a way of telling the bosses that you like what I am doing (or conversely if you hate it, don’t click on it or they will get the wrong idea.) These articles are going to have more of a point and not all of them will be valuable information for you (example being an article about Hysterical Pregnancies I’m working on right now)- but others hopefully will entertain with the same flavor as I have tried to do here.

I may try to pop in to give updates on projects I’m doing if there are any new ones in the works, but if you want to steadily see some Classic Mandelynn writing the below site is the place you will find it. Follow me at ohmandelynn on facebook to see new pieces shared through there and keep better track of me and all that I find entertaining.







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