Let’s Celebrate!!

Let’s Celebrate!!

You heard me! Let’s Celebrate!

Ok, so I got a piece in the Black Hills Parent Magazine, and I’m pretty psyched about the whole thing.

When I told my five year old about it, she asked why her name wasn’t in the spot under the title. You know the top billing spot for the auther.  I tried to explain that she didn’t do any actual work on the piece. Point of fact she probably hindered the piece significantly, but I’m not sure that she understood what I was getting at.

I then excitedly informed the seven year old because she can actually read and I thought (mistakenly it turns out) that she would be impressed. The pull quote from her was “Oh yay, I’ll go tell all my friends. Wait, they don’t care.”

As you can see my ego has taken some hits. However it’s still trucking along and I’m still proud. I’m still letting this little light of mine shine, even if everyone is trying to sleep and they are groggy from a night out drinking yelling turn that damn thing off you psycho. Sorry dudes, I need to have the light shine. Drink more responsibly and it wouldn’t even bother you.

How Do I Find This?

So to see this masterpiece you can click below and go to page 66.

Or you can drive to the Black Hills (highly recommended regardless) and pick one of these bad boys up in person at the store. I would love you forever if you picked one up, took a picture with my article and posted it to the facebook page.  Who am I kidding? I already adore you.

Where Can I Get More Oh, Mandelynn?

If you are looking for some additional places to read my work, please click here. There will be some new stuff soon.



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