Find More Stuff From Me

Find More Stuff From Me

Busy, Busy, Busy

Much of blogging success (and payment) is based on the following you can amass and the page views you can get. Below are some links to contributions I have made to other sites. Likes/shares/comments are always appreciated. Thank you, thank you, thank you for reading.

That time my stuff was on lifestyle parenting (11-3-2017): 

Two Tummies



8 Ways to Ensure Your Daughters Don’t Inherit Your Self Esteem Issues



The Narcissist's Playbook


The Sad Truths of the End Of Summer

Should You Become A Parent (Quiz)?

Black Hills Parent:

Toddler Tricks -Page 67

The Non-Starters of the Mommy Wars

Your Tango:

Scary Mommy:

10 Things I Will Put off to Play with My Kids

Why I Worry About Teaching My Daughter Self-Acceptance

The Huffington Post:

My goal upon starting to write was to get on this site. Feels good. please check it out.

4 More Reasons ’80s Childhoods Weren’t as Great as We Think

6 Reasons ’80s Childhoods Weren’t as Great as We Think

The Ultimate Guide to saving Face the Lazy Way

Sunscreen to Air Freshener in 9 Easy Steps

Workin’ on Our Fitness

Healthy Family Growth

Pool Daze- 6 Comparisons

Mrs. Muffintop

Morning Success?


Hilarious Quotes From Kids That Will Make You Love Them

Scientists Discover Why It Is Necessary To Forget

Headaches While Pregnant: Causes and Treatment

Does Having More Than 11 Moles On Your Right Arm Increase Risk For Skin Cancer?

What Working Mothers Want To Say For So Long

Sammiches and Psych Meds:

I’m a regular contributor to this awesome site. Here are my pieces, but check out the other funny people while you’re there.

Mom Uses Trump Speech To Confuse Kids Into Doing Chores

World War M: Surviving the Mombies of The Mommy Wars

First Friend I had, First Friend I Let Go

Proof Grandparents Love Your Kids More Than They Love You

Reasons I Won’t Write About My Lady Garden

Open Letter to Kim Davis, Kentucky County Clerk

Dear Fellow Mom Who Was Neglecting Her Kids

How To Be A Cool Mom

5 Ways I Have a Sitcom Marriage

Dear Bennifer

Ultimate Guide to Saving Face the Lazy Way

6 Reasons I Need My Dad Today More Than Ever

12 Pitch Perfect Quotes That Are Perfect for Real Life

What Happened When I Became a Participant in My Own Life

6 Reasons 80s Childhoods Weren’t as Great As We Think

5 Mistakes to Avoid Making this Summer

5 Ways to Show Appreciation on Father’s Day (and every day)

8 ways surviving 3 year olds and bear attacks are similar

Heatless Curls? Not Today, Satan

Top 5 Problems with How Kids Approach Sleep

The Longest Chin Hair Theme Song (Fresh Prince Style)

4 Easy Step to Coping with Sleep Deprivation

List of People Who are Owed My Revenge

10 Tips for Surviving the Year-End Field Trip

5 Inventions That Make Indecisive People Crazy(er)

9 Steps to Winning an Argument with a 3-Year-Old

Shower Dance Parties: These are My Jam

Kids: Gods Answer to Talkie DJs Who Won’t Play Music

That Time I Feared My Child Was Racist

12 Reasons My Daughter Won’t Go To Bed

Rumpus Tickling and Other Problems Solved

65 is The Best Age to Have Babies

On Parenting and Teamwork: 3 Lessons Learned

I Win Marriage and So Can You

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In The Powder Room:

Open Letter to Eva Mendes from a Pair of Sweatpants

Closet Confession

Bonbon Break:

Hot Bedtime Game

Signs That You Need a Vacation After Your Winter Vacation

Erma Bombeck Writer’s Workshop:

The first one to publish anything I wrote. Best feeling ever.

Jogging like a Pro (almost)

Slip ‘N Slide: The Infomercial almost writes itself


My first published poem.

The Importance of Simple Play

BLUNT moms

Mom Drinking and New Uses for Cream Cheese

Great Moments In Parenting

This is What the Oregon Trail Prepared Me For

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