Parenthood– amiright?

Parenthood– amiright?


I had the below piece up on It is a list of signs that your kids are trying to ghost you a little bit as they grow up. Luckily someone did some work on that title, huh? It’s a mouth full. That is for sure.

Anyway if you wanted to click on it and read it, I would appreciate it so much! Or even just click on it. I’m not going to quiz you to check if you really did read it. My performance as a writer kind of depends on the interaction of people that read the articles, so if you enjoy seeing me write or want to support me in any way– those clicks will do it. If you don’t want to support me, fair enough. I can’t fault you for that.

Not too much else going on over here otherwise. My youngest is in Taekwondo. That seems fun. My oldest hasn’t really figured out what activities to go into. She sings beautifully and talks about being a singer. She doesn’t want to sing in front of people though. I’m the last person that knows anything about the singing biz, but I’m concerned that may hinder her career choice.

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