You Get a Puppy And You Get A Puppy…

You Get a Puppy And You Get A Puppy…

(Disclaimer: I’m not really giving anyone a puppy. I was being funny like the Oprah thing.)

Our baby, Sunny

I don’t think that I blogged since we had the newest addition to our family. We have a dog, guys. I was never going to get one because I don’t like to pick up poop. I would 1000 times rather change diapers than pick up dog poop. We got a scoop claw thing and that seems to help. Oh and also I ask my husband to do it instead. That helps the most.

The dog is named Sunny. Originally the girls wanted to name her Sunflower, but we are mean parents. She can be a real bitch, but we still love her. -that’s funny word play. I’m not mean… well like only a mean parent, not to animals.

My favorite is she let’s out these long dramatic groans when I have the nerve to move when she’s laying on me, or when Kerry snores. She’s fitting in just fine.

Face It

Something else kind of exciting- I just ordered a Rodan and Fields face kit thing. I’m pretty excited to get started on that. Anyone use that? If you have wanted to try it and don’t have a person may I suggest my friend Laura. Find her here I totally plan on taking before and afters. Stay tuned for 60 days people. You don’t have to stay in the one spot. Feel free to go and then come back.

Don’t Do It Mandelynn

Ugh! It’s taking everything I have not to turn political. I started this as a way to bond with other people over fun things. I’m going to try super hard to keep it that way. Not promising some things won’t sneak in though. Because I’m only human! Only Human!

Can’t Get Enough Me? Don’t Worry-It’s Common

I am still writing on babygaga. Usually I have at least two articles a week go up there. Here is my latest one:

15 Latest WTF Pregnancy Trends

Also I started submitting other places again. I am so lucky that babygaga took me on as a writer, but it’s so hard to come up with 15 reasons why for everything. I mean, like here are 15 reasons why it’s hard to do that.

15) my attention span peters out at about 8

14) did i say 8? I meant a different number…

I kid, I’m being funny guys. Remember when we did that together? Like this, but better. We will get it back. We are laughing.


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We Knew it Was Going to Happen…

We Knew it Was Going to Happen…

Alright, I know we have been waiting for this moment and it is finally here. Monday was the day in kickboxing class where I punched myself in the face. I am impressed that I made it as long as I did. Don’t pretend to be shocked. We both know that it isn’t sincere.

The worst thing about it was I had no one to laugh with about how uncoordinated and goofy I am. And I knew if anyone else saw me they had to be dying laughing. Unless they were a robot. Why would a robot be at the gym, though? Anyways I didn’t turn around and look to see if anyone saw me because, umm I have so much dignity..? (ar you asking if you have dignity, or telling?– umm I’m telling…. ?)

Any ways it was a brutal workout and I was on a bag that is off the ground. I was doing uppercuts when all of the sudden the thing floated like a butterfly and I stung my face like a bee with my own glove. And I shook my head at myself (partly in disgust and partly to make the birds stop circling) and started right back up like a champ.

I should add that I have no coordination whatsoever. Oh, that was already apparent in the story. Ok, then. Many times I think they try to correct my form and then do this thing where it’s like “bless her heart.” Adding to my trouble is that I can’t ever seem to hear what they are saying. For example the trainer came up to have me punch the gloves on his hands. He came up and apparently said “Wanna do some Uppercuts?” I thought he said “Gettin’ some guns?” and I just nodded. I know the two sentences don’t sound anything alike. What can I say? My hearing and lip reading are less than stellar. I eventually figured it out, so don’t worry.

Here is my point- I am never going to be good at working out, but I do it. I do my best. I laugh at myself, which we all know burns additional calories-WIN. If I can go somewhere and punch my face in front of people or almost run into the glass door- you can do it too. Only probably you won’t because you’ll be better than that.

Below is a picture from about 2 years ago and one from about a month ago. Some day I will probably try to do an entry on my weight loss etc, but for now I wanted to show where I started. I hope it doesn’t come off attention seeking. (No, Mandelynn, the part that seems attention seeking is a blog about your life. Good point)

weight loss
I flexed and the sleeves ripped off.


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