The Future

The Future
The Future

Alright. I’ve been missing for a little bit of time. I am back. With an important thing to discuss:

who was it that decided we needed to pluck eyebrows?

I want us to change this practice of eyebrow grooming for the following reasons:

  1. I don’t feel like it anymore.
  2. It’s cold where I am and I need the precious eyebrow hairs to help stop my face from freezing.
  3. It hurts to pluck eyebrows, wax them, or zap them off.
  4. I think that I got them all and then I look in my rear view mirror and notice that I still have a unibrow.
  5. I can be more expressive with the more eyebrows I have theoretically.
  6. I don’t want my chin hairs to get lonely by not having the eyebrow hairs around to family plan.

what do i even want to do in the future?

The other reason for this post is I’m trying to decide whether or not to do some more blogging. I’ve had a couple people reach out for some opportunities for the blog, but I can’t quite decide if that is what i should do.

Anybody out there have any thoughts- maybe want to be my life coach (for free) in the future and tell me what to do? You over there- what are your thoughts?

psst- I’m going to ask anyone trying to contact me  for work to not read this part.

(I guess my concern is I don’t always have the self confidence to charge people for advertising etc. and yet it does make sense if you do work to be paid. It does, right? I say right too much, huh?)

 how did this whole Trump thing happen, guys?

What happened while we weren’t talking through the blog every so often? Did you guys give up hope?  I mean i still love you. I’m just disappointed is all.


I am in another book coming out in March. It’s available for presale now. I wrote a poem. That’s kind of fun, right? The clickable link is below.

The Narcissist's Playbook


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