Update On My Face

Update On My Face

Mea Culpa

So you remember like a few months ago I said I was going to start the ol’ Rodan and Fields face and post pictures. I think I said in 60 days, but I also think that it may be more than 60 days. My most biggest apologies.

I am going to post the pictures and update you, but first- Did you guys know how incredibly hard it is to take a selfie of your eyes? It’s like you look at the screen, but that isn’t right because then you look like you aren’t even aware of what’s going on. Than if you are like me you open your eyes wider, making you look like a complete goof. Well, I mean you will see. Let’s take a minute to give a round of applause to those lovely ladies that have mastered the selfie of the eye lashes.

Why, what does that have to do with your face wash? Glad you asked. I did the Lash boost. It’s my favorite thing ever.

Face Wash Scoop (My Finicky Face is finicky)

Guys, I didn’t do well with the kit I chose. I went for the Rodan and Fields Reverse kit and I don’t think that was the right call for me. I should have met with Laura like she suggested. Also I started this in the winter. My skin doesn’t do winter, which is weird because I live in SD and it’s winter a lot of time. You would think it would learn to deal. Before trying this kit I had never washed my face. 34 years of not washing my face and then I went into doing a regime. My skin was pretty pissed at the gull I had to start trying after all these years.

All this to say that my face dried out quite a bit (it’s dry any way) and I began to pick at it which caused things to look pretty bad for a bit. I have taken pictures and posted them below. It’s so hard posting unflattering pictures! There should be a trophy they give out.

I do want to point out that I will likely try something else later from the Rodan and Fields line (Redefine), so I still love it.

These are all products I paid for myself. This is my honest opinion and I will update if I try further products or if anyone is even interested.


That is probably backwards. My after is on the left and the before is on the right. Gaaah! This Before/After selfie thing is so much harder than I thought. This is after about 2 months.
So this was midway between the before and after shot. You can see scabs from me. Not the products fault. All mine. I really love that hair though.

Now Something I Love The Best

Ok, so now on to the product that I will buy forever more. The lash boost. I really like it a lot. I don’t know how well you will be able to tell that it worked due to my photography skills. This is where that whole eye selfie thing came into play.

My lashes make me happy right now though.

The bottom is before. The top is after with mascara. My eyes are hooded so it’s super hard to get anything to show well. This pictures was about 45 days after I started.
I think that shows it pretty good. Also I should tell you that days before starting this lash stuff I yanked out most of my lashes because I was applying fake lashes and I don’t pay attention to warnings about the glue. I have managed not to be harmed by Lash Boost, though. That should tell you something.

My Rodan and Fields Consultant is Laura 

I recommend her. Click on her name to be directed to her page.

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2 Replies to “Update On My Face”

  1. My face tends to react badly initially whenever I try something new but then does better once I get used to it. What do you think you’ll try next? What is your skin normally like (dry, oily, combo)? I haven’t quite found the right thing for me. I’m trying something new at the moment and I think it might work out (I’m just out of the initial “ugh” phase), but my face is still pretty oily.

    PS You look like you have beautiful skin already and props to you for braving the before and after picture posting. You look great!

    1. You are a dear! Right after I wrote this up, my consultant let me know they are launching a new moisturizer for the Rodan and fields. I am beyond excited to try that. My face is very, very dry. I was thinking that I might try the redefine and than do a combo.
      I really should have tried harder when I was younger with the face washing and stuff. Something to try to remember to get my girls on board with early.
      Thank you so much for stopping in to chat!
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