Writing About Birth

Writing About Birth

The Post In Which I Share The Site In Which I Share A Story About Birth

Romper took one of my articles about being scared to have another kid because… well you click on it and read. I need all the help I can get for support of the ol’ writing gig. If you aren’t really into learning about birth and things like this, just click on it and close your eyes. Then close out. We don’t ever have to speak about birth again. I mean, I might still. But together we don’t have to.


Coloring Picture from The Labyrinth

Guys, it’s another picture of my coloring. In case you have more room on your fridge. You are welcome. I know you hoped I was kidding but look at this. It doesn’t appear that I was. Hey, at leastĀ its not about birth.

Here it starts. She’s falling…

Dog Question

Does anyone have a dog that loves to suck on the armpits of their shirts like a binky? No reason. Just asking. If you do have a dog that does that. Do you know why they do? It’s not while the shirt is on. The dog takes the shirt from the dirty clothes and drags it out to have it close by. I suspect that she’s trying to absorb my essence in order to someday take over my life. The scary part is I don’t know if anyone will notice. The Hubs and kids might just go on like normal. But really… why is the dog doing this?

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